Album: Hi-Fi D.I.Y. EP

Artist: Brett Newski

Label: self-released

Release Date: October 16, 2015

Brett Newski

The Upshot: Truth in titling for the EP, he’s a terrific nu-folk troubadour.


The definitive troubadour, folk pop DIY artists Brett Newski, destined for greatness any minute now, has spent the past few years traveling the globe and playing music – writing jingles for tampon ads in Asia, doing voice overs for Red Bull ads and collecting stellar fodder for his songs along the way.

His latest, the self-released five-song Hi-Fi D.I.Y. EP, is just one more example of how wonderfully charming a dude with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and little more than an acoustic guitar (and the occasional kazoo) can be.

Much like Todd Snider or Louden Wainwright III, before them both, Newski plays not for the masses, but the discerning minority who like their sarcasm and satire in whip smart lyrics, wrapped in a few well-strummed chords. Frustratingly short – as is the nature of a really good EP – there is not a weak track to be found here, from the catchy opener, “Black Taxi Cab,” the closest Newski has come to writing a pop song, to the closer, the endearingly ramshackle theme song to Newski’s ethos, “D.I.Y.,” an autobiographical song about playing “the worst show of your life to four people on a shitty Monday night in St. Louis”.

“I’m D.I.Y., I’m punk as fuck, don’t need your money, don’t want your love.” Indeed.

 DOWNLOAD: “Move to Berlin,” “This Will Destroy Me” and “D.I.Y.”

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