The Breeders 9/5/14, Denver

Dates: September 5, 2014

Location: Summit Music Hall, Denver CO



Opening act The Funs certainly lived up to their name tonight at Denver’s Summit Music Hall. He drums and she plays guitar, both cracking happy grins the whole time cranking out some good timey garage pop.

Never did catch The Breeders back in the day, but was happy to catch ’em this time around on a crowded Friday night at the Summit. Hey, gettin’ there early means my wife and I were able to play some vintage pinball games across the street at 1 Up (perfect date night?).

Oh yeah, this is the Breeders tour where they play plenty of early stuff including most of Pod and Last Splash and they did, but also tossed in some new songs, too (some good and some …..ehh….). Kim seemed tickled pink to be there (offering a smiling “Thanks!” after each song)and Kelly seemed her gloriously goofy self and it seemed like the two were cracking each other up all night (hey, they’re twins). Let’s not forget rhythm section of quiet/cool Josephine Wiggs (who did chat the crowd up about mid set) and pounding drummer Jim McPherson.

They opened up with “Off You” (from the Spike Jonze film Her) and not a great way to open a set but not awful either. From there we heard “Saints,” “Hag,” “Cannonball” (of course) , all off of Last Splash while from Pod they offered us “Doe,” “Limehouse” and “Fortunately Gone” plus many others (“Metal Man” too) and for the lone cover of the night we heard The Beatles “Happiness is a Warm Gun.”

The new songs seemed fine, but the classics are what the crowd was here to see. As they left the stage just shy of an hour the crowd wanted (no, demanded) some encores and we got ’em. They kicked out “Glorious,” “Safari” and a set-ending “Iris.” and then and only then was the crowd satisfied enough to walk out into the cool, Blake Street evening.

Not a classic set by any stretch, but it was fun and hardly any of the set slipped into boring noodling. Even now it seems like the Deal sisters always want to bring the party and they did bring it.


Photo credit: via the Breeders’ Facebook page.


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