BRANDI CARLILE — The Firewatcher’s Daughter

Album: The Firewatcher's Daughter

Artist: Brandi Carlile

Label: ATO

Release Date: March 03, 2015



The supremely talented Brandi Carlile returns with what may well be her best set yet, flush with songs of love and devotion, as well as her usual assortment of rousing rockers and celebratory shout-outs. Carlile’s ascendance to the top tier of pop stardom has been a rapid one, but given her song writing skills and obvious rock star charisma, it’s not surprising either.

Carlile has that unique ability to convey sentiments that can be both celebratory and circumspect, and on tracks like “Wherever Is You Heart,” “The Things I Regret” and “Blood Muscle Skin & Bone,” her declarations of devotion are sung with both assertion and affirmation. That commitment and fidelity are best expressed on the beautiful “I Belong to You,” wherein she shares her sentiments boldly and without reservation. Carlile also deserves kudos for her tastefully chosen cover of the Avett Brothers’ “Murder in the City,” a song so plaintive and heartbreaking, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the swell of emotion.

No doubt the Firewatcher would be proud of his daughter.

DOWNLOAD: “Blood Muscle Skin & Bone,” “I Belong to You,” “Murder in the City”

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