BP FALLON — Live In Texas

Album: Live in Texas

Artist: BP Fallon

Label: Saustex

Release Date: March 03, 2015

BP Fallon



Publicist, scribe, photographer, deejay and all-round gadabout, Irish music personality BP Fallon might have been best advised to rest on his considerable laurels rather than attempt to emulate his past clientele — Thin Lizzy, T Rex and most notably, Led Zeppelin and U2 — and pass himself off as a performer. Nevertheless, ego always has its way, and so, mustering his credentials and wee bit of fame, Fallon’s found a successive career as a front man.

Having previously established himself with a band called the Bandits, an ad hoc ensemble that includes members of Blondie, and later, with an Austin outfit called the Ghost Wolves, he was apparently convinced that he had what it takes to set himself up in the spotlight. Support from impresario Jack White, with whom he recorded a solo single in 2009, must have also boosted his confidence and told him that despite his rugged Irish accent and total lack of a singing voice, he’s indeed qualified to make music on his own. Mostly though, Fallon rambles on, touching on whatever subject happens to be top of mind, while only occasionally attempting to draw a melody from the subject at hand.

Not that it’s not insightful; his rant “Fame #9” (the single he originally recorded with White) name drops any number of popular cult heroes — Elvis, Marilyn, Kurt Kobain and Michael Jackson specifically — all of whom found notoriety had become a curse. “I Believe in Elvis Presley” expands on that theme, as if any further exposition is necessary. “Time Is An Accordion” is equally emphatic, and Fallon’s poetry, with its repeated refrains, actually offers something resembling a song. His three backing guitarists — Aaron Lee Tasjan and special guests Danny B. Harvey and, notably, Joe “King” Carrasco — do what they can to support Fallon’s spoken monologues, reviving a familiar riff for Fallon’s final send off, “Van and Gloria,” in which the audience is offered a history lesson on Belfast’s most famous son. Nice try BP, but maybe don’t give up your day jobs.

DOWNLOAD: “Fame #9,” “Time Is An Accordion”

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