Boy Genius – Staggering

January 01, 1970



The inclusion of power pop maestro Mitch Easter on the
credits of any new album all but assures the kind of endorsement that can
elevate a fledgling band above the competition. Consequently, the fact that
Easter not only produced, but also recorded and mixed this effort by Boy Genius
is… well… a touch of genius as far as garnering the group some instant


For their part, Boy Genius holds up their side of the
equation, at least in terms of their unabashed, seemingly unrelentingly
propulsive momentum, manifest in an insistent thrust that affirms their
commitment to keeping the energy and enthusiasm at a near fevered pitch.  Happily, they don’t sacrifice their affable
melodies in the process; “Scatterbrain,” “Blame Me” and “The Hardest Part” all
demonstrate an affinity for ringing refrains and soaring harmonies.  The closest they come to contemplation can be
found in the title track, a song imbued with a more subdued sound that serves
to shatter the overall mold.


That said, those looking for some variation in the pacing
may have to contend with the fact that most of these tracks boast an ongoing
similarity which does little to differentiate one song from another.  That’s a shame too, because that lapse aside,
Boy Genius demonstrates that they have the pop smarts to mature into formidable


“Scatterbrain,” “Blame Me,” “The Hardest Part” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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