Boston Spaceships – Zero to 99

January 01, 1970

(Guided By Voices, Inc.)


Robert Pollard’s third release in 13th months
with Boston Spaceships is, if anything, more raucous than the first one,
setting the tone with the jagged cacophony that punctuates “Pluto the Snake,”
as though the guitars are answering his urgent queries of “Is everybody happy
now?” with a resounding “We’re actually beating each other to death, but thanks
for asking.” And it’s not the last time Pollard plays against the underlying
sweetness of his power pop with something uglier and less infectious – to
brilliant effect.


It’s hard to say what Pollard means by “Found Obstruction
Rock N’ Rolls,” as one song’s title goes. And yet it does feel like those words
are somehow summing up the essence of what’s going down here while the song
itself may be the missing link between the early Buzzcocks and the early Who.
And speaking of the early Who, “How Wrong You Are” may be his finest hour as an
early Who obsessive, complete with ridiculous horns and a punch-drunk falsetto.
Other highlights dial it down a notch or two without detracting from the
album’s pacing, from the subtle psychedelic charms of “Question Girl All Right”
to “Godless,” a one-minute, eight-second ballad that feels like a demo for The Who Sell Out.


Standout tracks: “Pluto the Snake,” “Found Obstructions Rock and Roll” A. WATT



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