Bootsy Collins – Tha Funk Capital Of The World

January 01, 1970



Collins is back; not that he ever left. But, fiends and neighbors, Bootsy is
back with a serious, all-in vengeance. 


his new 17 song extravaganza, Tha Funk Capital Of The World, is one of
his best ever records as a front man and one of the most outrageously funky
records released in years. And it isn’t just the funk factor that makes it so
impressive, but also his multi-pronged approach that brings in hip hop, jazz,
spoken word, archival recordings, tributes to fallen comrades and family, a
ballad or two, Latin soul/funk and much more.


we get, amongst other things: an old-school rap all-star mash-up with Chuck D,
Snoop Dog and Ice Cube on the frisky, Space Bass heavy “Hip Hop @ Funk You”;
the Rev. Al Sharpton pontificating on the 1-3 and James Brown’s relevance on
the absurdly funky “JB: Still the Man”; Samuel Jackson reminiscing about
kid-hood and discovering music and a political perspective on “After All These
Messages”; a sample of Jimi Hendrix talking about this and that on the thrashy
“Mirrors Tell Lies”; and George Clinton and Linda Shider giving a shout-out to
Garry Shider, the great P-Funk guitar player who recently passed away, on
“Garry Shider Tribute.” 


there’s more, lots more. George Duke and Ron Carter bring their serious jazz
chops to “The Jazz Greats.” Banjo star Bela Fleck shows up on “If Looks Could
Kill.” Guitar shredder Buckethead does his thing on “Minds Under Construction.”
Olvido Ruiz and Ouiwey Collins join Bootsy on the Latin-grooved “Siento Bombo.”
Shelia E drops the bomb on “The Real Deal.” And Bobby Womack and Bootsy’s late
brother, the guitar player Catfish Collins, lend their decades working in soul
and funk to “Don’t Take My Funk.” Really, there are too many hip names and
mega-talents to list in complete detail. How Collins manages to make all this
hang together and coherent is one of the most impressive things about Tha
Funk Capital Of The World.


himself is in fabulous form, his ‘Space Bass’ jumping and pumping as urgently as
ever – in fact, Collins sounds like he’s only gotten better over the years. The
production is bright, loud and impressive, and brings each track into sharp
relief, even with all the heavy guest talent on hand. The overall feel is like
a huge, slap-happy family reunion with different generations in friendly
competition to see who can be the Funkiest. It even comes with a 3-D cover, for
funk’s sake. 


Funk Capital Of The World
is the one to beat for funkiest record of 2011. Good
luck with that.


DOWNLOAD: “Hip Hop @ Funk You,”
“JB: Still the Man,” “Freedumb,” “Kool Whip,” “Don’t Take My Funk,” “Siento Bombo.”


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