Booker T – Potato Hole

January 01, 1970


Booker T backed by the Drive-By Truckers with Neil Young on
lead guitar: couldn’t get much better, right? Toss in covers of Tom Waits and
OutKast amongst the seven brand new Booker T originals and you’ve got the stuff
of legend. However, the big names would mean nothing if each of the ten
instrumentals didn’t chug along with such inspired gusto. There’s a metal-on-metal
mean streak to songs like “Pound It Out” and “Native New Yorker,” which are
tempered by the relaxed groove of tracks like “She Breaks” and “Reunion Time.”


In addition to the giant hooks which latch on to your hips,
perhaps what’s most impressive is the intuitive band mentality. Every time the
Truckers’ rhythm crunch or Young’s guitar wail start to rise above the fray,
Booker’s funky-ass Hammond rides in alongside, taking the whole effort to that
proverbial “next level.” Considering this is Booker’s first solo set in about
20 years the only question left is: Where have you been, old friend?


Standout Tracks: “Native
New Yorker,” “Get Behind The Mule” AARON KAYCE


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