Bonnaroo 2008 Live!

January 01, 1970

(, 96 Mins.)



In many ways, Bonnaroo has become the most eclectic American music festival.
Although associated for the most part with the hippie and ‘jam band’ crowds,
it’s featured bands as divergent as Sonic Youth, to do some small battle
against the Balkanization of musical tastes.


Arriving in stores just in
time for the 2009 summer festival season, this set of showcase performances
from 2008 shows that last year’s fest was even more eclectic than most.
Mastodon and Metallica add metal to the menu, Against Me! provides punk and
Tegan and Serah indie pop. But the jam band and jam-related standbys are here
as well: Jack Johnson, funk-jams with Les Claypool, indie jam band My Morning
Jacket, and in this context Pearl Jam sounds more jam than grunge.


The fans appear to eat it all
up, although the more trying aspects of attending an extended festival aren’t
depicted. But the excitement of being amidst the horde is. Just add a little
mud, smell of weed, mix well and serve.


Special features: Stereo surround 5.1


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