Bobby – Bobby

January 01, 1970

(Partisan Records)


Initiated by a group of college chums in their senior year,
Bobby germinated shortly after graduation when the seven principals relocated
to a house in rural Massachusetts.
However, the songs they concocted during retreat to the wilds defy the
stereotypical notion of what usually results when a band opts to get back to
nature and escape from it all. Consequently, the music conjures up an unlikely
synthesis of otherworldly ambiance, shimmery textures, pulsating tones and
hypnotic ruminations.


Synths, celestial effects and undulating undercurrents
dominate the proceedings, with exotic instrumentation — acoustic, electric, and lap steel
guitars, keyboards, shakers, hand drums, ambient noises, whistles, and gongs –
fleshing out the mix. Songs morph as soundscapes, with hushed choral harmonies
adding yet another delicate layer to the atmospheric arrangements. (Molly Sarle
of Mountain Man lends her voice to the project.) Amorphous melodies negate the
possibility of actual hooks and choruses — at least in any traditional sense
— but the music is frequently mesmerizing nevertheless. Bobby borrows the
rhythmic tide of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass and other avant-garde
forebears, and the shifting set-ups make the vivid invention of “Nap Champ,”
“Shimmychick” and “Tomb Bloom” all the more intriguing. Ultimately, Bobby takes a bit of getting used to,
but like all arch eccentrics, it makes for an unexpected encounter.


DOWNLOAD: “Nap Champ,” “Shimmychick” LEE

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