BOB SCHNEIDER – Burden of Proof

Album: Burden of Proof

Artist: Bob Schneider

Label: Kirtland

Release Date: June 11, 2013

Bob Schneider


 A funny thing happened when most stopped paying attention to Bob Schneider: he went on to put out the best albums of his career.

 The Austin-based musician has released about a dozen solo records to date, including 2001’s Lonelyland for Universal, which led to major radio play, world tours and proclamations of being the “Next Big Thing”. But long after the label abandoned him and moved on to shinier objects, Schneider found a new supporter in Dallas-based indie Kirtland, home to fellow Texans The Toadies. It’s with Kirtland that he put out the stellar Lovely Creatures in 2009 and now the equally impressive Burden of Proof.

 Starting out on a melancholy note with the dark “Digging For Icicles,” the album eventually takes a slightly more optimistic, if cautious, tone throughout, but never quite goes full speed. Lyrically, Schneider is at his best on this one, particularly on the beautiful “Wish the Wind Would Blow Me” or the oddly charming “The Effect”.  

 Not unlike his fellow Texas scene mates, Schneider  draw as much from rock and country as he does from the standard singer/songwriter genre. Here’s to second chances. 

 DOWNLOAD: “Wish the Wind Would Blow Me,” “Swimming in the Sea” and “The Effect”

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