Boat – Setting the Paces

January 01, 1970



a band that considered themselves the purveyors of “sloppy pop” (that and
calling their Magic Marker debut Songs That You Might Not Like, though
the band had a few poorly distributed earlier records) it seemed that Seattle’s
Boat didn’t set the bar much higher than wanting to have a good time (and maybe
earn a few drink tickets) but with Setting the Paces the band (led by
one Dave Crane) has exceeded all expectations and released their finest record


in another handmade, foldover (origami style) sleeve Setting the Paces begins with the cheery hiccup “Friends Since 1989” (which makes great use of a
xylophone) and then dives headfirst into “Lately (I’ve been on my back)” which
deals with the protagonist eating nachos with his mom and looking for a hero in
the Garden State (that’s my native New Jersey, folks). On “Interstate 5” they
kick the spuzzed-out stun guitar into high gear while the vocals are run
through the superfuzz stinger and “100 Calorie Man” is the closest they will
ever come to a ballad. If you haven’t figured it out yet Boat likes to have fun
and if Setting the Paces doesn’t put a smile on your ugly mug then
you’re beyond help. The rest of us, well, we’re looking to join the Boat fan
club (or start the inaugural chapter).


: “Lately”, “Interstate 5”,  “We Want It, We Want It”, “Prince
of Tacoma”



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