Boat – Dress Like Your Idols

January 01, 1970

(Magic Marker)


Boat are the kind of guys who love to take the air out of those
oh-so-serious bands (you know who I mean). You could see the guys in this Seattle outfit standing
in the crowd of the opening band at one of their shows and laughing while
tossing off-handed barbs. Oh, it would be all in good fun but taking themselves
seriously is something Boat does not do. And amen for that.


On this, their 4th long player, the band still mine the
outer and inner reaches of what  they
call sloppy pop (and if they’re not calling it that anymore will someone please
tell me), which is to say mid-tempo rock music with crashy guitars, slappy
rhythms, often hilarious lyrics and more hooks than your grandpa’s tackle box.
Vocalist/guitarist/main songwriter Dave Crane seems to lead his band of loonies
like saner Randle P. McMurphy grabbing instruments from Nurse Ratched and
merrily bashing away as if it was their 
last night on earth.  “Forever in
Armitron” is their anthem for rebellion and mine and yours, too. Capice’?


DOWNLOAD:  “Changing of the Guard”, “King Kong”,
“Forever in Armitron” , “Classically Trained” 


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