Blue Angel Lounge – Narcotica

January 01, 1970

(8MM Musik/A)


The Blue Angel Lounge is brought to you today by the letters
B, J, and M. That the Hagen,
Germany-based act has the patronage of the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton
Newcombe is no surprise after a spin of the band’s second album Narcotica. Like the BJM, the BAL seems
to have an equal obsession with both the original wave of 60s psychedelia and
its ‘80s paisley underground revival. The big difference between the bands is
that the Lounge dwells in the spacier ends of things, where hooks are elongated
and you can never have too much reverb.


“Secure Existence” and “Son of the Ocean” envelope you like
smoke from a blazing fire, filling your lungs with a sweet essence you’ll be
reluctant to cough out. The relatively concise “Bewitch My Senses” and “Corona” are the closest
things here to pop tunes, while the instrumentals “Darklands” and the title
track swing to the opposite pole and just float off into the ether. “I Will
Never” flows gently past the shore with a melancholy ache, while “New Ghandi”
throws the biggest curveball, being a jagged slice of dark postpunk. Narcotica is shadowy, tactile and
frequently beautiful.


Existence,” “New Ghandi,” “Son of the Ocean” MICHAEL TOLAND

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