Blind Man’s Colour – Season Dreaming

January 01, 1970



sensations, the gentle tones of ascending bubbles, rays of sunlight refracted
through water — the debut album by Blind Man’s Colour evokes a familiar
pastime. Not scuba diving, although liquefied ditties like “The Warm
Current’s Pull” could appeal to fans of the sport, but something less
physically risky: listening to Animal Collective.


members of Blind Man’s Colour, a pair of 19-year-old Floridians, constructed Season Dreaming from strummed guitars,
lava-lamp synths, breathy flutes, seaside samples and boyish tenors that
occasionally interweave in a manner that recalls the Beach Boys. It’s all quite
pleasant, if often a little vague.


the album poses an unanswerable question: Would the music be better if it were
more cohesive? The songs that first emerge from the watery whole are ones like
“Kissing Minutes,” whose outgoing chorus contrasts its woozy sonics,
and “Jimmy Dove,” whose bass line provides some urgency. But there
also subtle charms to such casual burblings as “Heavy Cloud Hustle,”
with its tinkly keyboard hook, and “Sleeping Habits,” which doesn’t
rouse itself even when Kyle Wyss and Orhan Chettri start warbling, “wake
me up.”


Blind Man’s Color could thrive whether it tightens its songwriting or continues
its melodic drift. Just one prescription for next time: No more seagulls.


Standout Tracks: “Kissing Minutes,” “Jimmy Dove” MARK JENKINS


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