BLIND IDIOT GOD – Before Ever After

Album: Before Ever After

Artist: Blind Idiot God

Label: Indivisible Music

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Blind Idiot


A baker’s dozen years since its last platter Cyclotron, Blind Idiot God comes stomping back with Before Ever After, a double LP that displays the NYC instrumental trio at its BIGgest. Though joined by a new rhythm section, guitarist Andy Hawkins stays the course of the past three decades of his singular career, keeping one foot in amp-melting doom and the other in airplane-hangar dub.

As Hawkins terrifies his amp and bass/drums bash and crash, “Earthmover,” “Strung” and the appropriately-titled “Under the Weight” rumble like a Brontosaurus across the rubble of a fallen city, crushing debris underfoot as its stomach growls. On the other side of the bent coin, “Ramshackle,” “Shutdown” and “High and Mighty” skank through the dust as it settles, letting a little sunlight echo through the destructive aftermath. Not everything is quite so direct, however. “Voice of the Structure” alternates between spacy swirl and heavy pound, while “Barrage” fractures its rhythm in a manner not dissimilar to postpunk. “Fub” takes the band to the next level of development, its light-on-its-feet feel full of jazzy lightning and improv thunder.

Brandishing its weaponry with power and grace, Before Ever After both reclaims the legacy of Blind Idiot God and paves the way for its next epoch.

Consumer Note: Grab the deluxe colored vinyl 2LP edition, wax fans.

DOWNLOAD: “Fub,” “Earthmover” “Ramshackle”


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