Album: Interrupt

Artist: Bleeding Rainbow

Label: Kanine

Release Date: February 18, 2014

Bleeding Rainbow 2-18


 Once known as Reading Rainbow until the kiddie series they were named after objected, this Philly band has transitioned gracefully to their updated moniker, now releasing its second album under their new name.

 Like last year’s Yeah Right, they’ve managed to meld indie rock aggression (think Sonic Youth) with shoegaze’s sweet noise (think MBV) though here they lean more towards the former now.  Thankfully, they have the tunes to back it up, maintaining already high standards here.  From the barn-burning opener “Time & Place” to the high-speed but melodic “Start Again” and churning, dreamy tracks like “Out of Line” and “So You Know,” this almost never lets up. And even if most of the lyrics are disjointed, alienated fragments (just like shoegaze), singer/guitarists Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton have the riffs and tunes to put the songs across, melding those boy/girl voices just right. Another secret is guest drummer Robi Gonzalez, who propels the songs just enough. 

 Again like shoegaze, they have a tough time putting across the feedback jangle and sweet melodies in the right balance but on record, they get it just right, providing one half hour of utter listening pleasure. And if they decide to start turning out story-songs, they could start making music of ye gods.

 DOWNLOAD: “Time & Place,” “Start Again”

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