BLANK REALM – Grassed In

Album: Grassed In

Artist: Blank Realm

Label: Fire

Release Date: January 14, 2014

Blank Realm 1-13


I’ve really liked what I’ve heard by this Brisbane, Australia bunch who last year released the terrific GO EASY (also on Fire Records after full-lengths on Not Not Fun and Bedroom Suck).  Honestly, this is what I was hoping the new Surf City record would be but that was a real letdown (after their superb debut). This group includes the Spencer siblings (Daniel on vocals/drums, Sarah on synth/vocals and Luke on bass and more power to ‘em that they can be in a band together and not kill each other) who along with guitarist Luke Walsh have been turning heads at every turn.

I hadn’t heard much of their real early stuff but apparently it was much noisier and less song oriented. They haven’t turned into Fountains of Wayne (who I really liked, by the way) but the songs seem a bit more gussied up. Opening cut “Back to the Flood” is one of the songs of the year (and the year is only 64 days old!) while “Falling Down the Stairs” kicks it sideways like the best songs by The Clean.  “Bell Tower” slows it down and creeps it up (same with “Violet Delivery”) and “Baby Closes the Door” is equal parts squealing noise and hip-shaking off-kilter/color pop. Oh, and don’t forget the nearly nine minute “Bulldozer Love” but it ambles instead of rambles and the repetitious choogle of “Even the Score.”

Only 8 songs here so they don’t wear out their welcome and know how to keep the fans wanting more. I want more.

DOWNLOAD:  “Back to the Flood,” “Falling Down the Stairs,” “Baby Closes the Door,” “Even the Score”

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