Blame Sally – Speeding Ticket and a Valentine

January 01, 1970

(Ninth Street

There seems to be an abundance of
multi-talented all-female folk groups out there these days, with the Poozies,
Red Molly and the Refugees starting a trend that seems to have caught on.
Likewise, Blame Sally has a plentiful back catalog they can boast about,
although up until now, those efforts have garnered only a modest following at
best. #
Ticket and a Valentine
might provide a
change in their fortunes, but it will likely have more to do with some astute
marketing than any real shift in their MO. The songs fall into a generic
country/folk mix and, save the sung-in-Spanish entry “Pajaros Sin Alas” and the
ever-shifting sound of “Wide Open Spaces,” they seem somewhat reticent to go
beyond their comfort zone. Nevertheless, a sensual vocal blend and their agile
instrumental prowess find them earnest and assertive in terms of parlaying the
material. The brittle emotions entrenched in “Bird In Hand” and the suggestive
sentiments conveyed through “Countdown” demonstrate a certain subtlety that
makes their music all the more seductive. Likewise, the changes in hue – from
the sway and glide of “Back in the Saddle” to the perky pace of “Mona Lisa
Smile” – add increased interest as well. And if nothing else, there’s ample
evidence to suggest Blame Sally will always remain a guilt-free encounter.

DOWNLOAD: “Wide open
Spaces,” “Living Without You” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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