Black Watch – Led Zeppelin Five

January 01, 1970




Clichés abound about the consistent things in life: death,
taxes, trash TV. One of music’s most reliable pleasures is an album by The
Black Watch, L.A.’s
long-standing indie pop heroes. Led
Zeppelin Five
(cheeky boys) is no exception, a set of particularly
well-written tunes that will induce wistful smiles on anyone who adores jangly
guitars and literate rock.


The quartet sticks mainly to mid-tempo pop this time around,
allowing winsome melodies to carry leader John Andrew Frederick’s tales of
confusion and yearning. “Like in the Movies,” “Kinda Sorta” and “The Maid’s
Been Round” stand as near-perfect marriages of form and function, as if the
best bits of the New Zealand, U.K. and American underground guitar pop scenes
were carefully blended into one savory pot of indie rock chili. Just for
variety, the band rocks harder on “Earl Grey Tea,” co-written and sung by lead
guitarist Steven Schayer, and a hidden cover of the Beatles’ George
Harrison-penned nugget “It’s All Too Much.”


The Black Watch has really been on a roll the last few
years, and Led Zeppelin Five continues the band’s winning streak.


Sorta,” “Earl Grey Tea,” “Like in the Movies” MICHAEL TOLAND

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