BLACK TUSK – Tend No Wounds

Album: Tend No Wounds

Artist: Black Tusk

Label: Relapse

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Black Tusk


 Part of the remarkably fertile Savannah metal scene, Black Tusk rips blue whale-heavy grungecore a new one on its Tend No Wounds EP. Furiously grinding riffs kick down the walls, allowing a rumbling rhythm section to bulldoze the debris – it’s like NYC metalcore progenitors Prong crossing swords with its North Carolina counterpart Corrosion of Conformity. Tuskers Andrew, James and Athon shout like the blood vessels on their forehead have already popped, but they manage a surprising articulation – the better to discern libretto like “Ruthless as long as this hard heart beats/Honor is left for this dying breed.” A bit of good ol’ Southern boogie insinuates itself into “The Weak and the Wise,” and traces of blacklit psychedelia paint some interesting hues in “Truth Untold” and “Internal/Eternal.”

 But the raison d’etre here is warhammer shred, with little mercy and less restraint. Don’t take the title to heart – after this 22 minutes of seething fury, you’ll need something to mop up the blood. 

 DOWNLOAD: “Truth Untold,” “The Weak and the Wise,” “Internal/Eternal”


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