Black Pacific – Black Pacific

January 01, 1970




There was
plenty of handwringing within the punk rock community last year when longtime
Pennywise vocalist Jim Lindberg bolted from the band he helped found. Despite
contributing an odd track to a skater comp earlier this year – an unfortunate
electronica-based song – his latest effort is wholly steeped in classic ‘80s/’90s
skater punk.


had build a strong reputation for delivering solid melodic hardcore wrapped
around political lyrics and The Black Pacific is… well, not that much
different. The instruments are tighter, the production a little smoother and
the vocals seem to be delivered with more purpose. It’s almost like it took
leaving Pennywise for Lindberg to deliver the best Pennywise album, just under
a different moniker.


DOWNLOAD: “Defamer,” “Kill Your Idols” JOHN B. MOORE


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