Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

January 01, 1970


You might ask yourself: What the fuck is a Black Moth Super
Rainbow? One of the many lovely things about this super-freaky, psychedelic
dream-pop band from the woods of Pennsyltucky is that they sound like the names
they use. This shit is dark and weird like a black moth (work with me) but also
shiny, pretty, elusive and happy like a rainbow (a super one at that). And it’s
not just the band name; song titles like “Dark Bubbles,” “Bubblegum Animals,”
“Tooth Decay,” “The Sticky,” “Fields Are Breathing” and “Gold Splatter”
(featuring beautiful, lush strings) act as vivid song descriptions. Eating Us was produced by Flaming Lips
knob twiddler Dave Fridmann and a similar gooey DayGlo Lips sauce is all over
this creation too.


But this is no knock-off; Black Moth is its own trip, one
where everything is covered in moss, heavily processed and vintage sounding,
with barely comprehendible vocoder lyrics pouring over analog keyboards. More electric Kool-Aid over here please!      


Standout Tracks: “Tooth
Decay,” “American Face Dust” AARON KAYCE


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