Album: Take One

Artist: Black Coffee

Label: self-released

Release Date: April 20, 2018


Have you ever wondered what happened to rock’n’roll? Have you ever wondered how a band can be formed? Well, for Black Coffee it is all about meeting others that you just have good chemistry with. Let’s be real: Rock’n’roll is all about chemistry. These three guys met and formed and it is all a big bang theory from there. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Black Coffee is following in the great resurgence of rock that Blacktop Mojo and Joyous Wolf have brought back. Take One is the debut album from Black Coffee and it rocks!

“Creamer” sets the soul on fire with riveting vocals, a great song to start the multi-faceted music on this album. Pulling from blues and rock, this is what talented musicians sound like. The first single is the second song on the album, “I Barely Know Her,” a straightforward number that would make the Seventies proud, with a fantastically blazing guitar solo that will knock your socks off and the clothes off the ladies.

Another notable song here is titled “Monica,” one that will melt your soul, with a heart pounding sound only made better with strong vocals. Meanwhile, “Born to Lie” is wonderful in the composition of the music itself, also with nice vocals but the sounds are the true standout. And “The Traveler” has the best beginning of a song that this journalist has heard in a very long time. The vocals are sweet, and the sound is reminiscent of the Sixties/Seventies era—six minutes of heaven.

A song to rock out to, “Psychedelic Red” offers a drum beat that will hit you in the head like an episode of Dr. Who and, overall, it is a tune that would be first track on a time-traveler’s playlist. “Fade” (something this band will not do; they are here for the long term) has a hard hitting, catchy, and memorable sound. “Away” (this band will not be going “away” anytime soon, either) is the ninth track and it is all about the guitar, and what a lovely, pleasant guitar sound it is. A great track for a long road trip, this is added to my playlist now.

This trio is made of drummer Tommy McCullough, guitarist Justin Young, and vocalist/bassist Ehab Omran—Black Coffee. A good way to wake up is to put this album on and drink it up. Their debut shows what gifted artists these three are and I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to offer on future albums. I can’t wait to check their live show out as well. If you are looking for a new rock outfit that will blow your mind, then look no further: Black Coffee is what rock has been waiting for. Listen and enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: “Creamer,” “Psychedelic Red,” “I Barely Know Her”


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