Black Box Revelation – My Perception

January 01, 1970



After a few EPs of tease (including the recent Shivers of Joy, the Belgian duo’s first
American release), Black Box Revelation finally unleashes its full-length
debut. Like those other well-known blues rock duos (one of whom also has
“Black” in its name), guitarist/vocalist Jan Paternoster and drummer Dries Van
Dijck have a bit of a Led Zeppelin fixation – cf. the roiling “Shadowman” and
the sprawling “My Girl.”


But BBR doesn’t allow it to dominate its sound. The duo tries
to imagine what the Rolling Stones would’ve sounded like if they’d jumped on
the British glam rock train in the early 70s on “High On a Wire” and “Skin,”
which employ percussion-heavy grooves that Slade would’ve ridden to the top of
the charts. Meanwhile, “Rattle My Heart” and the title track revisit the
Stones’ pre-Beggars Banquet folk
rock, while “Madhouse” explores fist-pumping hard rock. “Good Swimmer” twists
country blues to the Belgians’ purposes, “2 Young Boys” dips the blues in heavy
acid and “Bitters” puts Beatlesque balladry through a garage rock ringer.


While some tracks work better than others, there’s not a
true dud anywhere in earshot. Aided by producer Alain Johannes, Black Box
Revelation punches every button it comes to with a mix of cocky self-confidence
and wild-eyed enthusiasm, trusting completely in its rock & roll swagger.  



On a Wire,” “Rattle My Heart,” “My Perception”


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