Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

January 01, 1970





The Black Angels can quite
literally molecularly alter one’s grey matter. Talk about breaking through to
the other side: they’ve broken through more dimensions than Dr. Strange! The
third full-length release by the Austin
outfit was cobbled together over a six month period in LA, and shows tremendous
growth for the band, honed by years of touring.


Distilling dirge-y, psychotic
influences such as Thee Hypnotics, Crystallized Movements, Spacemen 3,
Scientists and The Velvets, it delivers a full-force, skull crushing sonic
attack. One departure, “Telephone”, swerves into British Invasion pop, while “Yellow
Elevator #2” begins with what sounds like the familiar guitar intro of
“Telstar,” but sideways. And “Sunday Afternoon” reincarnates that electric jug
gurgling of the 13th Floor Elevators. Mastering the art of time and
tempo shifts and consistently catching the listener offguard, the Angels
continue flying high and in tight formation.


    DOWNLOAD: “True Believers,”
“Telephone” BARRY ST. VITUS




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