Billy Squier – Don’t Say No (30th Anniversary Edition)

January 01, 1970

(Capitol/Shout Factory)


Billy Squier is often described as a poor man’s Robert
Plant. While that’s not inaccurate, it is a little unfair. After all, what hard
rock band hasn’t ripped off Led Zeppelin, usually with far worse results?
Perhaps a better comparison is Cheap Trick. If you want to take
that analogy to its logical conclusion, then 1981’s Don’t Say No is Squier’s At
, the moment when his mixture of hard rock riffs and pop smarts
finally came together in a way that sounded absolutely perfect blasting from
car radios everywhere. 


Unlike a lot of reissues, this one doesn’t put the artist in
a new context or make you think about him in a different way – the only bonus
tracks it includes are pointless 2009 live versions of “The Stroke”
(excruciating at 14 minutes) and “My Kinda Lover.” But the original
versions of those songs – as well as many others – hold up surprisingly
well, and having a new version of the CD available is a good excuse to revisit
them. Squier may not have been an original, but at his best, he was a
helluva lot of fun to listen to.


Kinda Lover,” “In the Dark” HAL BIENSTOCK



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