BILL PRITCHARD – A Trip to the Coast

Album: A Trip to the Coast

Artist: Bill Pritchard

Label: Tapete

Release Date: March 04, 2014

Bill Pritchard 3-4


Though the guy has been around releasing music since the mid-late 80’s you can’t be faulted if you haven’t heard of Bill Pritchard. While he has had some success in his native England (he had a minor hit with a song called “Tommy and Co.”) Pritchard is much more well-known in some of the other European countries like France, Italy and Holland.  It seems like through his career Pritchard has had a few years of releasing music and then he’s gone for a while, returns to release a few more records, and then vanishes again.

This is his first record in several years and it’s a solid pop record. In the past he’s gotten some comparisons to Lloyd Cole and there is some truth there (at times he also reminds me of a UK version of East River Pipe). With his real laid back yet melodic approach, Pritchard’s style isn’t totally unlike Mr. Second Skin.

What you get is ten songs firmly rooted in the pop, singer-songwriter style. A few jump out at you, like opener “Trentham” and “Almerend Road” while others, like “Yeah Yeah Girl” and “Truly Blue” are so low-key that you have to listen a few times before you realize, “Hey, that’s a real good song” (excellent production by Pritchard’s old pal, Tim Bradshaw, too).

If you’re looking for that next hooky, guitar-pop record you could do a lot worse than this.

DOWNLOAD:  “Trentham,” “Almerend Road,” “Yeah Yeah Girl,” “In June”

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