Big Tree – Home (Here)

January 01, 1970



In the space of a mere three songs, Big Tree leap so far
across the musical spectrum that any attempt to aptly define them becomes
nothing less than a lesson in futility. By turns folk, jazz and pure cacophony,
this Brooklyn quintet sounds like no other,
its girly scat singers bearing a skittish modality that veers unabashedly
towards the avant-garde. Each track lays out a different scenario from those
that accompany it, from the kinetic overreach of the aptly titled “The
Concurrence of All Things,” to the lope and lazy drift of the title track, and
the spacey, sprawling freefalling tumble of “Woods.” 


For some, this unwieldy sampler may provide temptation to
explore more.  For others, it may be so
bewildering that it’s too much to handle as is. 
A self-titled debut released two years ago helped establish their
imprint, but Home (Here) shows Big
Tree still has room to grow.


Standout Tracks: “The Concurrence of All Things,” “”Home (Here)” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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