Big Harp – White Hat

January 01, 1970

(Saddle Creek)


Chris (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Stefanie Drootin-Senseney
(bass/keyboard)-with the help of Chris Phillips on drums – comprise new band Big
Harp. Their debut
album White Hat revels in the
country-folk of yesteryear; and though far from groundbreaking, the LA based
husband/wife duo has crafted an organic album lavished in minimalist music and
catchy melodies.


opens and closes with
the cautionary narrative of “Nadine” who, like most protagonists “in every
other song,” moved to California.
And in between these bookends White Hat slowly
wakens with its calm, laid-back numbers. A bit of blues is felt within songs
like “Everybody Pays” and “All Bets Are Off” while the almost jazzy, slightly
more upbeat “Out in the Field” is a fine closer before “Oh Nadine.”


And Chris’ deep,
laid-back vocals fit the mold perfectly as he carries us though the tales Big
Harp strings together. With smart lyrics and Chris’ entrancing vocals White Hat is a promising debut.


DOWNLOAD: “Out in the Field,” “Everybody Pays”

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