Bibio – Vignetting the Compost

January 01, 1970


Bibio’s music seems to always be compared to that of Boards of Canada, and for
good reason. Besides being discovered by Boards, both render electronic music
eerily warm and organic, keeping the sharper edges warm and fuzzy with a cool
veneer of spaced-out psychedelia. Bibio’s world of sound, though, leaves the
beats behind, opting instead for a lo-fi world of AM radio ’70s folk filtered
through ProTools and a distinctly 21st century sensibility.



Vignetting the Compost,
his latest for the experimental-leaning Mush Records, is a pleasing listen,
even if it’s not quite as attention grabbing as his previous albums.
“Dopplerton” is a warped-record folk song, a picked guitar line that warbles
along under flurries of flutes. It’s hard to tell where Bibio’s world of field
recordings and original production ends, but that’s the beauty of it. “Odd
Paws” starts out like an alternate universe “Dueling Banjos” but ends up
sounding more like a soundtrack for outer space than inbred Appalachia.
And the crackling “Under the Pier” captures memories you’ve never had with its
nostalgic loops and hidden melodies.



Bibio’s music isn’t dance, it’s not entirely electronic, and
it’s only sort of folk. But the absence of a clear tag is exactly what makes it



Standout Tracks: “Dopplerton,”


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