Album: Orthodox

Artist: Beware of Darkness

Label: Bright Angel

Release Date: May 07, 2013

Beware of Darkness


 Simply put, Beware of Darkness plays rock music. Eschewing hyphens and trends, the L.A. trio just cranks up the guitars, pounds the drums and pours on the riffs on its full-length debut Orthodox. Guitarist/singer Kyle Nicolaides wastes no time with gimmicky intros or ironic context, blasting into opener “Howl” with amps roaring and fingers digging hard into the fretboard. Fielding string-smashing and chord-bashing somewhere between Led Zeppelin and the MC5, tracks “My Planet is Dead,” “Heart Attack” and “End of the World” follow suit, bombast brought down to earth by Nicolaides’ ragged whine.

 The band isn’t all crunch ‘n’ boom, avoiding sensory overload with the Beatlesque rumination “Morning Tea,” the widescreen arena ballad “Salvation is Here,” the folky ramble “Hummingbird” and the classically-influenced piano tune “Life On Earth.” Stylistic variance ain’t the point, however – solid songwriting is, and no matter how loud or soft BoD becomes, it never loses the power of its traditional rock melodies. Without a whiff of trendmongering, Orthodox doesn’t deny the sentiment inherent in its title – if anything, it glorifies it.

 DOWNLOAD: “Salvation is Here,” “Howl,” “Morning Tea”

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