Ben Kweller – Go Fly A Kite

January 01, 1970

(The Noise Company)


Ben Kweller is never going to
sell a million albums at a time and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really give a
shit. That’s probably what makes him one of the most talented songwriters
working today.


Writing for himself and a
small, but dedicated legion of fans, Kweller manages to mix folk, alternative
rock (he’s a child of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s so it’s not forced) and
straight-up guilty pleasure piano-based pop music. Nowhere is that mix pulled
of better than on Go Fly a Kite,
Kweller’s fifth proper album and first for his own label. The album brings to
mind Sha Sha, his debut, not only for
the infectious nature of the songs but that feeling of originality, sounding
like nothing else that is being produced right now.


While the bulk of the early
press Kweller received tended to focus on his age (he was 15 when his first
band Radish was signed), he has thankfully grown out of the “he’s so talented…
for his age” backhanded media compliments and is now justifiably being
recognized for being a stellar songwriter and memorable performer (just Goggle
“Kweller, SXSW, bloody nose”).  


Coming in at 11 songs, there
is hardly a weak one on Go Fly a Kite and no real need to call out one track over the next, as all are pretty much worth
the price of the album.


the Door,” “Jealous Girl” and “Justify Me” JOHN B. MOORE


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