BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – How To Solve Our Human Problems Pts. 1-3

Album: How To Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3)

Artist: Belle and Sebastian

Label: Matador

Release Date: February 16, 2018


If nothing else, Belle and Sebastian deserve credit for perseverance. Over the course of dozens of albums, EPs, collections and chronicles, they’ve kept their consistency by purveying a sound so unfailingly effusive, it’s placed them at the forefront of today’s quintessential British pop masters.

It’s something of a crime then that Belle and Sebastian have yet to gain the wider recognition their efforts deserve. After all, any band that writes songs with such craft and care warrants attention, especially in this era of prefab pop. At one point, Belle and Sebastian would surely have found permanent placement in the Top Ten. Today, however, those that dare to write intelligent and well-crafted melodies sadly aren’t given the love and admiration they so well deserve. Indeed, it’s all but impossible to hear songs like “Sweet Dew Love,” “The Same Star,” “We Were Beautiful,” “The Girl Doesn’t Get It” or literally anything else they have to offer and not come away awed by the artistry and execution.

We can only hope then that How To Solve Our Human Problems, originally released as a series of three 12” EPs, helps reap the recognition this ensemble’s earned, because if it doesn’t, then nothing else will. These beautiful, beguiling melodies make for an album that’s so rich and regal in both style and shimmer, it’s simply stunning to say the least. Prepare to be enticed.

DOWNLOAD: “Sweet Dew Love,” “The Same Star,” “We Were Beautiful”

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