Beirut – March of the Zapotec

January 01, 1970



Orson Welles once famously reveled in the bacchanalia of
Brazilian carnival while filming documentaries on the U.S. government’s
dime. Now, Zach Condon might not be as much the boy genius as Welles was. But
while vacationing in Oaxaca,
singer/composer Condon reportedly threatened to make his own films before
recording, impromptu-like, with a 19-piece marching Mexican band. Half of this
package was recorded under the
quiet-man guise of Realpeople that he used for pre-Beirut bedsit recordings. The
best phrase to describe those tunes (dubbed Holland) are tender traps – cool murkily
produced cave songs whose melodies shimmer when Condon’s voice ignite their


The Zapotec songs? Not unlike the mile-high
airiness that impacts DeVotchKa’s quaint mash-up Balkan-bolero from below and
above, Condon’s “La Llorona” and “On A Bayonet” exist in an arid vacuum;
moments of foreign intrigue that come across as luridly alien but kinky good



Standout Tracks:
“La Llorona,” “No Dice” A.D. AMOROSI



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