Beets – Let the Poison Out

January 01, 1970

(Hardly Art)


Amateurism has
become an art form in music over the past several decades, but for every artist
who was able to produce magic (Modern Lovers,  Half Japanese, Beat Happening) there were
others for whom the magic eluded them (Old Skull, Wesley Willis, etc.). The
Beets would fall into the middle of these two camps because while this Queens,
NY, band does have its share of gems on its third record, a handful should have
been left on the cutting room floor. The core of the band, Juan and Jose, seem
to love to slam their acoustic guitar strings while drummer Chie happily bashes
away and it usually works. Cuts like
“Without You,” “Now I Live” and “Let the Clock Work” have their share of charm
and hooks, but on others the band tries too hard to force the primitive angle.
On balance, then, exactly 68.5% of this record is worth listening to.


DOWNLOAD:  “Without
You”, “Now I Live”, “Let the Clock Work” TIM HINELY

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