BECCA RICHARDSON – We Are Gathered Here

Album: We Are Gathered Here

Artist: Becca Richardson

Label: self-released

Release Date: October 06, 2017

The Upshot: Nashville artist weaned on ‘70s rock and classic soul debuts in fine style.


Becca Richardson was raised in the Midwest, weaned on old Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens and Soul records and the result can be heard all over We Are Gathered Here.

The self-released debut LP from Richardson, now settled in Nashville, is a beautiful collection that serves to highlight those influences (Stevie Nicks in particular), though not always in the most obvious ways. Across 10 tracks, her ethereal vocals are front and center, especially on tracks like “Right Now” and “Killing All the Beautiful”.

She is not afraid to dabble in electronic flourishes and blend in pop music here and there, which adds to the appeal. A few of the songs, however, – especially some of the slower, more somber numbers – tend to blend into each other with little to distinguish one from the next. But ultimately, We Are Gathered Here is an experiment in different influences that pays off more often than it doesn’t.

DOWNLOAD: “My Father’s Daughter,” “Right Now” and “Killing All the Beautiful”

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