BEACH PARTY – Made In Los Angeles EP

Album: Made in Los Angeles

Artist: Beach Party

Label: Life or Death

Release Date: June 27, 2014

Beach Party 6-27


A garage/punk combo equal parts Nuggets, Ramones, Kinks and Ty Segall, Beach Party is just distinctive enough to become a namechecked influence itself, with persistence and longevity. This five-song EP opens riotously enough with a pair of gems clipped, respectively, from “Ain’t No Friend of Mine” and “Steppin’ Stone” templates: “Geronimo” boasts a barre-chord fetishist’s delight of a signature riff and a percussion thump to make Keith Moon’s mom weep with envy, while “Catch That Train” simply steamrolls an expressway to yer skull, all brakes off.

And two tracks were actually recorded by the aforementioned Mr. Segall, creepy psych ballad “Can’t Surf” and insistent singalong boogie anthem “Fun.” Throughout, the band conveys nothing less than the fact that they are, indeed, having boatloads o’ fun—for once, we have a situation where the men DO know and the little girls definitely understand.

DOWNLOAD: “Geronimo,” “Fun”

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