Beach House – Bloom

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


With each album, Beach House, move
farther away from their soft druggy drooogy waking-daydream éclat into
something harder. The first self-titled effort was hazy and emotional with an
emphasis on dime store retro keyboard sounds. Devotion found singer Victoria
Legrand moaning through a soundtrack of Hammer horror organ grinding glitter
rock guitars and girl-group syncopation, still on the cheap. Same with Teen Dream, only they added a yawning
slide-guitar strewn quality to the whole affair.


The new Bloom (Sub Pop) still sounds as if it were recorded in a Salvation
Army with an arsenal of the aforementioned instrumentation from all three
previous efforts. But Legrand and Alex Scally up the ante on its blue-eyed soul
slinging a bit with the Hall & Oates-ish chorus to “Wishes,” reminding
listeners that B-more isn’t far from another falllllllllll in Philadelphia, to
say nothing of its bass lines on tracks like “Myth” sounding ready for the trek
to the land of the good groove.


This ain’t no disco though.
Hardly. Remembering that Legrand has a legacy to uphold -she’s the niece to
cosmopolitan jazzy film composer Michel Legrand – there’s a cocktail cool to
“Troublemaker” that goes nicely with the singer’s Nico-on-a-bender routine. And
“Irene” with its hypnotic refrain and ice-thawing emotionalism is the sort of
heartbreaking melody that made you fall in love with the pair in the first


DOWNLOAD: “Wishes”
“The Hours” “On the Sea” A.D. AMOROSI


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