Bats – The Guilty Office

January 01, 1970



upon a time, a song like “Satellites” might have been described as sounding
like third-album era Velvet Underground, thanks to its chugging, chiming guitars.
But 27 years after their inception, the Bats – the source of the song – have
taken this combination of simple riffs, angelic harmonies and dreamy atmosphere
and they’ve become a shining genre of comparisons themselves. The Guilty Office shows that little has
changed for the New Zealand
band since Robert Scott formed it all those years ago, including their
enthusiasm which sounds as youthful as ever. This excitement really begins in
the album’s opening moments, when Scott and Kaye Woodward begin the happy-sad
riff of “Countersign.” A simple structure, topped with tremolo leads, hasn’t
felt this rewarding in years. Some tracks get a little too repetitive, but by
and large the Bats hit their mark every time they try.


Standout Tracks: “Crimson
Enemy,” “Satellites” MIKE SHANLEY


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