BASIA BULAT — Tall Tall Shadow

Album: Tall Tall Shadow

Artist: Basia Bulat

Label: Secret City

Release Date: October 01, 2013

Basia Bulat Sept 30


 She may possess the voice of a forlorn folkie — think Kate Bush entwined with Sandy Denny — but Basia Bulat is as far from a willowy troubadour as Miley Cyrus is to modesty. On this, her third album to date, the Canadian chanteuse offers up a series of deceptively delicate entreaties that quickly give way to the sort of emphatic rhythms and boisterous melodies that reflect an unmistakably bold confidence. The title track, “Tall Tall Shadows,” provides an ideal entry, Bulat’s high-pitched vocal transformed from a waif-like warble into a brash refrain that all but guarantees an indelible impression. Bulat allows herself further opportunity for revelry — the quirky tempo of “Promise Not to Think About Love” being one of the more obvious examples — but when she settles for mellower circumstance, as achieved with “It Can’t Be You,” “Paris Or Amsterdam” and “Someone,” the effect is simply sublime.

 Even at this juncture, it’s difficult to assess whether Bulat is content to remain loosely classified as a folk-type singer, or whether she’s wholly committed to tackling more adventurous terrain, the sort of sound suggested by more atmospheric entries like “The City With No Rivers.” Given her seductive stance and that air of intrigue, it’s likely she can straddle those two realms indefinitely.

 DOWNLOAD: “The City With No River,” “Tall Tall Shadow,” “ Someone”

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