Barton Carroll – Together You and I

January 01, 1970



There’s a hazy pall of displaced circumstance that lingers
over Barton Carroll’s third solo release, a feeling that blurs the overall
impression.  Despite otherwise amiable
rambles like “The Poor Boy Can’t Dance” and the cheeky “Let’s Get on With the
Illusion,” Carroll occasionally seems preoccupied, providing an aloof
perspective that furthers the divide. 
Carroll, a member of Crooked Fingers and sometime contributor to Azure
Ray, Dolorean and Micah P. Hinson, resembles a wayfaring troubadour, but his
vampish duets with singers Anna-Lisa Notter and Annabella Kirby and ample use
of ragtime instrumentation – sax, clarinet etc. – leaves a sepia-like hue
throughout. It also creates a hollow, ghostly aura that affirms a lingering
sense of despair.


This downtrodden delivery is especially effective on the sad
and somber “Shadowman,” which explores the dichotomy between love and hate when
it comes to sibling relationships, and “Do You Want To Get Out of Here,” a
twilight tale of two barflies who meet by chance. These two songs are affecting
and touching in a sobering sort of way… and proof that when Carroll fully
invests his soul, Together You and I provides an indelible bond. 


“Shadowman,” “Do You Want To Get Out of Here” LEE ZIMMERMAN




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