Bart & Friends – Stories With the Endings Changed

January 01, 1970

(Lost and Lonesome
Recording Co.)


After nearly a
decade away from music Australian songwriter Bart Cummings returned in 2010
with the Make You Blush EP.  Indiepop fans around the world rejoiced as
this was the same Bart Cummings who had massaged those indie poppers sweet
spots in bands like Pencil Tin, Girl of the World, Hydroplane and , most
famously, The Cat’s Miaow. Of the “& Friends”, the most notable would be
addition of two Lucksmiths, Mark Monnone on bass and Louis Richter on guitar,
plus a few different drummers and organ players, Cummings also has Scott
Stevens (Summer Cats) lend his pipes on two songs.


From the sound
of it, nothing much has changed. Cummings continues on with the same cordial
sound and winsome melodies that he’s been known for over the course of a few
decades with a batch of 9 heartfelt songs (all in just under 20 minutes). Though
the tempos and general feel of the songs stay the same during the record, each
tune seems to carve out its own personality with slight subtleties and genuine
warmth. The cozy organ of “There’s No Place I’d Rather Be”, that gorgeous
guitar jangle of “Now I Think There’s Something You Can Do For Me”, the
chugging, Modern Lovers-ish “Calling Out My Name” and the hopeful “Tomorrow
Will be Better Than Today.”  If you lend
your ears to each of these songs, your ears will thank you for it.


Further proof
that good things do come in small (and short) packages.


DOWNLOAD: “There’s No Place I’d Rather Be”, “Now
I Think There’s Something You Can Do For Me”, “Calling Out My Name” TIM HINELY




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