BART DAVENPORT – Physical World

Album: Physical World

Artist: Bart Davenport

Label: Lovemonk/Burger

Release Date: February 18, 2014

Bart Davenport


It’s hard to believe that Bay Area crooner Bart Davenport has been doing the solo thing for over a decade. I remember seeing him in the ‘90s with his r & b combo The Loved Ones are various Bay Area dives then later with his next band, The Kinetics. Doing the solo thing he has been more in the folk/pop genre and does it very well, in other words, it seems to suit him.

Now based in L.A. and after having released record by bands Honeycut and The Incarnations the past few years, Davenport is back with his 6th solo record and he’s back to the ‘70s soft pop/rock/folk vibe and the record flows and smoothly as Davenport’s creamy vocals (soft as a, say, banana milkshake). Working with Dream Boys guitarist Wayne Faler and a handful of other folks, they crank out one charmer after another. The opening 1-2-3 punch of “Wearing the Changes,” “Fuck Fame” and “Dust in the Circuits” hits like a cool pillow on a soft night.  “One Your Own Planet” gets a bit jazzy while the countdown to the title track might have you thinking it’s gonna rock out but no, more smoove pop.

While Davenport and his crew aren’t doing anything here completely out of the ordinary (for them, anyway) with a batch of songs this strong it might stand as his best. Don’t miss.

DOWNLOAD: “Wearing the Changes,” “Fuck Fame,” “Dust in the Circuits,” “Physical World”

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