Bart and Friends – There May Come a Time EP

January 01, 1970



The records from
Bart and Friends have been quite sporadic since he (he being bassist Bart
Cummings) left his post as the bassist for Aussie dream poppers The Cat’s Miaow
(he was also in Girl of the World, Hydroplane and Pencil Tin), but the ones
that have arrived have been awfully good. The There May Come A Time EP, his first for the Matinee label, is no
different. In fact, these 6 songs pick right up where last years ep left off.


In addition to
adding a few loose Lucksmiths to the lineup, Cummings also requested the pipes
of one Pam Berry to add her sweet vocals and of course she happily obliged. The
record opens with the swirling title track which is then followed by a cover of
Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The middle two cuts, “A Kiss You Won’t Forget’
and “There Are So Many Things I’d Like To See” are both pristine jangle by the
two closing songs, “These Words Are Too Small” and “A Summer’s Dream”) were
both swiped from last year’s ep on the Lost and Lonesome label (Stories with the Endings Changed).  


It seems as if
Cummings has set all things aside and decided to make this his full-time
concern and all around the world indie pop fans are rejoicing right now.


DOWNLOAD: “There May Come a Time,” “A Kiss You
Won’t Forget,” “A Summer’s Dream” TIM HINELY



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