Album: Love Sick Dick EP

Artist: Barry Adamson

Label: self-released

Release Date: April 14, 2017

The Upshot: Produced to perfection, these 6 songs are just screaming for you to hear them, so beg borrow or steal


Barry Adamson, former member of Magazine and the Bad Seeds as well as a notable musical raconteur, comes with both guns blazing on his latest EP. Having been a fan of his since 1992’s Soul Murder I have always loved the seedy undercurrent to his music that has been copied somewhat by the likes of Saul Williams (check out coded languages with DJ Krust as a reference). The brilliant opener “I’ve Got Clothes” is part stream of consciousness, stretched over a propulsive nocturnal chug that is probably the most infectious tune Barry has penned since “Split” from Soul Murder. “One Hot Mess” is a super funky number that had me grooving in my seat, it’s hard to pin down part ‘80s dance tune, with some ghostly keyboards, and vocals that are hushed and pitched right on the edge of sanity. Very cool and totally for the late-night London club scene, where the Tanqueray silver is flowing and you just don’t want the night to end.

If you’ve never listened to Barry’s music I can’t blame you, while the likes of Mute Records in the UK released some of his music, he seems to have toiled somewhat in obscurity for far too long. Yes, he worked with the likes of David Lynch Lost Highway soundtrack and has been involved in some high-profile groups, but given Barry’s chameleon-like talent, it makes me sad that he hasn’t been given greater profile outside of music literati circles. A lot of what is on this EP showcases a more commercial leaning sound and that’s great, because this means Barry will be able to hopefully bring his music to a wider audience.

The final number I must mention is “Sweet Misery”. Beginning with a Hendrix sounding riff, what unfolds is a funky juggernaut of a song full of sexy swagger that will having you dancing in your seat.  Produced to perfection, these 6 songs are just screaming for you to hear them, so beg borrow or steal but make sure you show the man some love for giving birth to such gems.

DOWNLOAD: “I’ve Got Clothes” “One Hot Mess” “Sweet Misery”


Editorial fun fact: If you check the page for Adamson’s album, the artist is credited not in English, but thusly:  バリー・アダムソン



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