Album: Can Do Easy

Artist: Barreracudas

Label: Oops Baby

Release Date: August 21, 2015


The Upshot: Georgia garage punks gonna get you loaded. Any questions?


The Barreracudas, out of Atlanta, make scrappy, goofy, sarcastic garage rock, that’s as hard to resist as cold beer in a can. Big Clash-ing guitar riffs, giddy Ramones-ish speed, silly takes on relationships gone bad, it’s a mishmash of everything you love about rough-housing rock and roll.

The band shares members with Gentleman Jesse and His Men, and it is similarly back-to-basics in its approach, though lots funnier. The stand-out is last year’s single, “Promises” with its sing-along-worthy chorus of “I make promises, promises, that I just can’t keep,” but the rest is nearly as raunchily fun. Here are the boys dodging rebound sex (“Backup Plan”), borrowing the scent of a girlfriends’ hair products (“Shampoo”), dressing down (“Nasty Boots”) and critiquing a lady’s choice of drinks (“Diet Coke”), all to a razory exuberance of guitars. In this type of band, the drummer better be good, and damn, he is, setting a rackety, no-frills pace.

The guitarist isn’t bad either, whether screaming out Cheap Trick riffs (“Cut Me Loose”) or conjuring a pensive Thin Lizzy (“Make My Own Rules”). But really, any time you spend trying to analyze what makes Can Do Easy work is time you could have spent getting loaded, losing at love and spazzing around the room to the Barreracudas.

Download: “Promises” “Shampoo”


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