BARDO POND – Peace on Venus

Album: Peace On Venus

Artist: Bardo Pond

Label: Fire

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Bardo Pond CD


 At just five tracks, Bardo’s Michael Gibbons is calling Peace on Venus “a less is more statement in essence,” but don’t look for minimalism here. These tracks roar, sprawl and obliterate, in a hypnotic, heavy-booted march to enlightenment. Wall-sized guitar tones fray and blister into dissonance, drums pound in monolithic, relentless forward motion, and Isobel Sollenger’s voice floats over the roil and racket like a dream you had once as a child. Even more melodic entries like “Taste” have a palpable weight and density, their own field of gravity that pulls you in and keeps you there.

 Even flute and acoustic-guitar folky “Chance” blossoms into widescreen mayhem. From start to finish an all-enveloping experience, the album reaches its slow-motion apex in the final “Before the Moon,” where noise-curdled feedback, ritual pace and unearthly siren song vocals combine in unbearable headiness. Less is more, my ass. This is more, almost more than you can take, and it’s better than less any day.

 DOWNLOAD: “Taste,” “Before the Moon”


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