BALANCE AND COMPOSURE – The Things We Think We’re Missing

Album: The Things We Think We’re Missing

Artist: Balance And Composure

Label: No Sleep Records

Release Date: September 10, 2013

Balance and Composure Sept 10


 Emo was not always a bad word. Long before the genre was sullied by squeaky voiced teens with asymmetrical haircuts and punk rock influences that went back no further than Sum 41, emo was actually something to be proud of (…well, at least it was not something to be ashamed of exactly). And though they would likely bristle at the term, Balance and Composure’s sound harkens back to emo’s better days; Somewhere between Sunny Day Real Estate and Braid.

 The Pennsylvania band’s sophomore full length, The Things We Think We’re Missing, is an album’s worth of swirly guitars, dark, personal lyrics and pained vocals. The result, is not exactly revolutionary, and boarders on cliché every now and then (like the background screams on “Back of Your Head”), but when the band is on, they easily rise above their peers.

 Yes, this type of record has been done before, and arguably better, but there are still some powerful tracks on The Things…, most notably “When I Come Undone” and the album opener “Parachutes.” A few more records like this and we can almost forget about Fall Out Boy.

   DOWNLOAD: “Reflection” and “When I Come Undone”

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