Bahamas – Pink Strat

January 01, 1970




Afie Jurvanen is quite possibly the antithesis of his
chosen moniker: Bahamas.
Born in rural Ontario Canada, the folk/pop singer songwriter, whose instrument
of choice is the pink weathered Fender Strat his debut is named after
(naturally), is beautifully subtle, bringing to mind warm beer in a can shared
on a front porch more than exotic rum drinks accessorized with tiny umbrellas
on white, tourist-stacked beaches.


Originally released in his native Canada in 2009, Pink Strat is quite possible the perfect album to introduce this
one-time guitar sideman to Feist to the U.S.  A collection of stripped down and unpretentious
pop folk songs, Bahamas comes off as a cross between a Canadian Jack Johnson
and John Mellencamp of the Great White North. 
The songs vacillate between optimistic (“Hockey Teeth”) and pessimistic
(“You’re Bored, I’m Old”), but always manage to come across with genuine
emotion, an ingredient that seems in short supply in most pop music lately. You
can’t imagine any of these songs being covered by the cast of Glee… and, well,
that’s the point.


The album ends on a strong note with a stark, but powerful cover
of Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wide World.” Simply sublime.


DOWNLOAD: “Lovely Loves”, “Hockey Teeth” and “Whole Wide

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